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Artist’s caption from Twitter source:
And the version with innocent Sunny☀️
Nothing happened, it seemed to you😌
Nondescript stuffed belly version:
Tight, stuffed belly version (shows prey):
This image is Sunny’s final state after the above two frames. As big as her meal may have looked, her young growing alicorn body absorbed it all~

safe2211379 artist:sadfloorlamp199 part of a set24941 sunny starscout22635 alicorn322871 pony1641647 g579641 abstract background25226 alicornified7723 artificial horn755 artificial wings3178 augmented4460 belly47583 braid10415 braided ponytail919 colored25811 commission121664 concave belly7922 cute271327 digestion without weight gain215 ear fluff53313 eye clipping through hair15899 eyelashes28296 female1845539 frame596 glowing20455 glowing horn29877 glowing wings495 high res410126 hoof fluff3439 horn211690 implied death3462 implied digestion623 implied vore1434 leaning back1090 lightly watermarked702 long mane8248 looking at you268476 magic98734 magic horn666 magic wings1564 mane stripe sunny8056 mare768110 multicolored hair12846 partially open wings2687 ponytail28423 race swap22366 rainbow hair5285 raised leg12460 satisfied317 shading4364 shadow7154 signature46386 sitting95537 slender9280 smiling411511 smiling at you28128 solo1456870 sunny starpred17 sunnybetes1968 sunnycorn2024 thin13229 underhoof70724 unshorn fetlocks49507 watermark24762 wings233940 ych result38708


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