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A Princess Luna bride image made for the Purplesmart server.
Really happy with how this piece turned out. Took a lot of effort to get this one right. At least 16 iterations of my own editing, fixing, drawing over, and inpainting to get the details right. This was done completely on V3 as a showcase of the potential of the new model. Head over to the Discord server to find out more info!

safe2151201 ai assisted1485 ai content16389 edit170996 editor:epsilonwolf8 generator:purplesmart.ai2976 generator:stable diffusion8769 prompter:epsilonwolf35 princess luna116171 alicorn309441 anthro353918 g42004364 beautiful8437 bouquet of flowers210 breasts384385 clothes624111 collar47148 crown29337 cute262649 day3071 dress60845 ethereal mane13122 eyebrows23157 eyelashes25814 eyeshadow29118 female1777580 flower38581 flowing mane4671 garden1050 gloves29510 horn178064 jewelry110386 looking at you253699 loving gaze250 lunabetes4324 majestic843 makeup39181 marriage1848 outdoors20645 reasonably sized breasts3998 regalia35631 smiling388625 smiling at you23541 solo1407325 spread wings91564 tiara6758 wedding1936 wedding dress2624 wings216107


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