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safe1898258 screencap247307 applejack183506 fluttershy231371 princess celestia102271 rainbow dash253113 rarity197799 twilight sparkle324473 alicorn260519 earth pony329862 pegasus373331 pony1245828 unicorn410760 season 14056 swarm of the century810 :t4127 bowing452 crown22779 ei474 ethereal mane10040 eyes closed112993 female1535406 floppy ears61128 frown26947 glare8568 grin48945 gritted teeth15330 hoof shoes6999 hub logo10061 jewelry83808 looking up19447 mare577390 meme origin512 nervous6645 origins211 peytral4516 raised hoof56406 regalia26908 smiling308800 spread wings68889 twiface1071 unicorn twilight23547 wide eyes18348 wrong neighborhood645


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