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safe2119454 artist:rainbowfire57 hitch trailblazer12529 pipp petals18920 earth pony423935 pegasus472382 pony1548104 g566622 spoiler:g528221 adorapipp2904 backwards cutie mark4416 ball5423 bauble244 blushing261868 candy9467 candy cane3148 cap6436 chest fluff61872 christmas19199 christmas ornament339 christmas tree5757 clothes612170 coca-cola309 complex background950 cute257441 daaaaaaaaaaaw6646 decoration918 duo156808 eyes closed133820 female1742152 floppy ears70482 food97380 grin60110 hat119675 hitchpipp213 holiday32283 hug36367 jewelry107201 kissing31360 kneeling12611 love6495 male529911 mare704143 open mouth225804 present8317 santa hat7851 scarf30921 shipping246025 smiling377469 soda can455 spread wings88601 stallion184481 straight172468 tree46159 wings208688


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