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suggestive165164 artist:longinius873 spitfire14347 pegasus374007 pony1247145 series:rarity's secret113 boots26775 butt148986 clothed ponies319 clothes533266 collar39079 corset4930 dominatrix2550 face down ass up9829 female1536542 garter belt4373 hoof boots333 leather1752 looking at you203547 mare578109 panties55507 pinup3512 plot103891 riding crop1969 sexy35375 solo1210833 sultry pose2252 underwear67971


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Background Pony #DC46
This I would half to say is the sexiest picture I have ever seen of spitfire.
The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

Although my official headcanon states that she came from a really poor family growing up in Fetlockholm (Yeah, she be Swedish. Why else would she be so sexy?), so she indulged in all kinds of things to make her happy, including sex - not only an expert at it, but also a renowned sex-positive feminist.
But then after the Academy, the Gala, the tornado and the Best Young Flyer Competition, Spitfire realized that only thing that would ever satisfy her: love.
And its name was Rainbow Dash.

That could work. Still I prefer my head canon of her being a career mare who has realised that the biological clock is ticking, and is looking for a suitable sire.
Background Pony #BCDD
Sometimes I think there must be something wrong with me for liking pony porn. Then I see artwork like this and I realize THAT I HAVE NO FUCKING REGRETS. Faved, saved, etc.