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Prompt at source that led to this image:
Luna and Celestia make scooby-doo style sandwiches

safe2151384 artist:moetempura282 princess celestia111715 princess luna116181 alicorn309479 pony1579264 g42004441 blondie (comic strip)2 bread2029 cheese1018 colored24589 crown29340 cute262685 cutelestia4253 dagwood sandwich3 duo163850 ethereal mane13124 ethereal tail2011 eyelashes25823 food99773 height difference2116 herbivore2748 hoof shoes9337 hooves on the table277 hooves together806 hungry802 imminent nom46 jewelry110400 lettuce182 licking27243 licking lips5598 long mane6526 looking at something4892 lunabetes4325 majestic as fuck1536 missing wing340 open mouth232368 partially open wings1920 peytral7144 princess shoes1006 reference in the description72 reference to another series153 regalia35634 royal sisters6559 sandwich2541 sauce597 siblings21080 simple background584126 sisters17519 sketch81319 slender5006 sliced cheese82 smiling388705 sparkles8641 starry mane6976 starry tail900 table12801 tail95112 tall1212 thin7827 this will end in weight gain553 tomato542 tongue out144573 wall of tags6393 white background157100 wings216145


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