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Finally, page 40.
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semi-grimdark33522 artist:culu-bluebeaver221 applejack188038 fluttershy238594 pinkie pie238887 rainbow dash259777 rarity203417 spike87417 twilight sparkle333397 dragon72409 earth pony363002 pegasus408375 pony1327424 unicorn448120 comic:the six-winged serpent45 blast812 butt180275 comic124122 comic page114 digital574 digital art25837 element of generosity1191 element of honesty1171 element of kindness1328 element of laughter1185 element of loyalty1371 element of magic3032 elements of harmony2712 fear1260 fight6843 helping170 injured3855 laser1064 levitation14301 magic86700 magic beam392 magic blast1145 mane six35359 pinkamena diane pie21037 ponyville6929 rescue336 scared12650 stressed286 sweat33773 telekinesis34351 unicorn twilight26409 vector84216


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Culu the Bluebeaver
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  1. Sometimes I post shorter pages, sometimes longer ones. Depends more or less on how I feel about the page.
  2. Yes, but this key is just an easter-egg, and has no actual meaning or effect on the events of the comic. It’s taken from an old animation movie called “Little Nemo - adventures in slumberland”.