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Background Pony #9DC4
@omnimon11 I think it woulda been more horrifying if Mr. Cheerilee's head was used in The Godfather.
The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

(Before the punishment)

Apple Bloom: Hehehe…oops?

Big Mac: …Apple Bloom…you want to know what I think?

(Cut to the Golden Oaks Library)

Twilight: (re-organizing books)

Big Mac: Oh, (indescribable sounds) Filthy (more grumbling sounds, causing Twilight and Spike to look up a dictionary) Wallet (both of them surprised at the tone used from the farmoer) FILTHY RICH'S WALLET!!! (growls as he tries to find Applejack)

Cheerilee and the CMC: (jaw drop)

Twilight: I…didn't know that Big Mac had a colorful vocabulary.