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I know bragging is bad.. But I’m so happy, today is the third anniversary of how I started drawing daily!
Exactly 1097 days ago I thought: “I wonder how long I can last?” And here I am!
And I’m not going to stop! Not yet~

safe2118839 artist:melodylibris335 fluttershy252089 pegasus471779 pony1479950 g41930941 blushing261769 bust74962 cake12463 cake slice98 cute257315 daaaaaaaaaaaw6645 ear blush1613 eyes closed133763 female1740438 food97316 grin60070 happy42824 holding5097 hoof hold12314 mare703736 plate2598 shyabetes18642 simple background569516 smiling377206 solo1382458 sparkling mane59 strawberry1484 weapons-grade cute4556 white background151948 wings208443


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