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anyways, have some AJ
Sept 30, 2022
safe1993067 artist:siroc37 applejack189094 earth pony371161 anthro320937 plantigrade anthro43897 2022657 annoyed6460 big breasts109319 boots29053 breasts349117 busty applejack12694 cleavage41683 clothes567491 cowboy boots2183 cowboy hat22238 dialogue81805 dress54744 farm729 featured image1082 female1623348 hat110351 milk jug58 open mouth201691 pigeon toed109 sexy39016 shoes50743 solo1286031 speech bubble32952 stupid sexy applejack1015 sweat34319 white dress175 working730


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Background Pony #D0A6
I have watched BTTF so many times that that saying now sounds wrong. Goddamn you Biff.