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Alt. source: Twitter
safe2037911 artist:mirtash674 apple bloom57343 babs seed6200 scootaloo56395 sweetie belle54364 earth pony387481 pegasus433316 pony1390821 unicorn474443 g414249 adorababs191 adorabloom3608 cheek fluff8187 cousins1074 cuddle puddle359 cuddling9963 cute244841 cutealoo3534 cutie mark crusaders21382 diasweetes3469 ear fluff43927 eye clipping through hair12021 female1658027 filly88059 foal33309 freckles38290 gradient background19480 grumpy3058 high res89800 lying down36473 open mouth208496 pony pile903 pouting2278 prone32125 scootaloo is not amused239 smiling349244 spread wings80878 unamused21709 wings188735


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@Background Pony #2641
That’s not how the way we helping this site. :/
Sometimes, there’s one tag here that was added here may ended up implies that tag, that’s why the misinformation goes right there, it is how our tag system works. This one is not related to that kind of answer, but rather the OP here, who uploads this image, adds that tag. As what that BP you’re replying there said, cousins and siblings are different, that’s why we’ve removed the Siblings tag here.