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safe1949623 screencap258236 izzy moonbow12900 pony1299801 unicorn435813 g537264 my little pony: tell your tale8643 nightmare night party308 spoiler:g510745 spoiler:my little pony: tell your tale7801 spoiler:tyts01e30307 amalgamation35 clothes551181 coat markings8736 costume34818 fake wings964 implied cupcakes77 implied hitch trailblazer93 implied pipp petals102 implied sunny starscout102 implied zipp storm70 nightmare night costume2042 open mouth193806 open smile15130 reference4653 smiling324542 socks (coat markings)5109 solo1248862 sparkly eyes544 the implications are horrible283 waving3618 why2821 wingding eyes29665


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Hooves to Hearts! /<3)
@Background Pony #1AD0
That’s exactly what I think, especially considering how Pipp introduces her: “Here comes Izzy! Oh, and she’s brought all her best friends!”
Having all her best friends with her as her choice of costume feels like Izzy 100%, without any creepypasta implications whatsoever.
Background Pony #1AD0
I know everyone is thinking about the infamous fanfic when they saw this, but for me I just think it’s Izzy being Izzy, that she wanted to go as one of her friends but couldn’t decide who to be, so she decided to go as all of them at once.
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Needs more Starburst
Well then. Out of all of the fanfics out there that were given the ‘Ascended Fanfic’ trope status… Cupcakes was the last one I’d ever expected to see…