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Background Pony #577A
Bow before the Queen of the Night,mortals!
The Alicorn has been doubled!
Background Pony #F9D3
No mercy for the guilty!
Bring down the lying Sun!
Blood so silver, black by night,
upon their faces pale white.
Cruel Moon, bring the end.
The Dawn will never rise again!
Background Pony #16C0
Uh, no. Not even close. The worst Nightmare Moon did was try to make it night forever because of some petty jealousy. She didn’t murder, imprison, or brainwash anybody. That would be Sombra. Plus, just like with G4, she’s considered as just a legend/myth.

Novice Brony
@Background Pony #F49C
Yeah, but they probably invented the holiday based on the supposed “myth” of Nightmare Moon and the Mare on the Moon. They’ve been celebrating Nightmare Night well before Nightmare Moon’s return. The modern Halloween we celebrate today, like Christmas, is a combination of many earlier Pagan and Christian celebrations and festivals with various legends and folklore associated them. So, it’s fair to assume that ponies invented Nightmare Night based on the stories and legends of Nightmare Moon from perhaps hundreds of years prior.
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Dare to snuggle God
Can you put paint on ethereal wings?
Well, I guess maybe if the paint is magical. She did spread them from a folded position, and in this world, what’s more likely: the wings being a machine with moving parts, or her own ethereal wings/horn being painted?
Background Pony #8314
Ok, if doesn’t spawn a bunch of Nightmare Sunny artwork… I’m going to be sad.
Background Pony #F49C
@Background Pony #DBC0
My good friend, in G4 they made a holiday after her name which include a tale of Nightmare moon.
They even made an offering candy to her statue every Nightmare nights in the forest for children to have fun with.
Background Pony #6CF5
Even G4 ponies barely knew Nightmare Moon since they mostly knew only Luna so without proof, this thing could devolve from history to legend to myth in Pony culture just like in our world.
Background Pony #6CF5
For them is probably just a legend or like a walking giant bunny or Easter holiday. Only Opaline is still aware that she’s a historical figure.
Background Pony #DBC0
Wouldn’t it offend some pony? It’s like cosplayed as Hitler in human world.