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Princess Twilight looked down at the outfit she was wearing causing the bunny ears on her head to flop a bit. Peering down at the ample cleavage she was displaying she muttered.
“How did I get talked into this?” The alicorn tugged at the bow tie adorning her neck.
Page Turner was sitting on the end of the princess’s bed swinging her hooves back and forth.
Ready for tonight’s adventure? by Baron-Engel
She grinned at Twilight. “Because you’re going to be a judge at the Ponyville Nightmare Night Costume Contest. So you need to encourage other ponies by showing up in costume yourself.”
The unicorn grinned at the alicorn. “You’ll definitely encourage ponies with that costume.”
suggestive173258 artist:baron engel2433 twilight sparkle333238 alicorn274963 anthro316414 unguligrade anthro58505 breasts344066 bunny ears4534 bunny suit3174 clothes560372 female1605903 garters3323 grayscale44068 mare619690 monochrome163840 pencil drawing9724 solo1270466 solo female207916 stockings42110 story in the source2550 story included11355 thigh highs48959 traditional art131311 twilight sparkle (alicorn)138706


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Background Pony #03C1
Twilight: Rarity? why I am dress up like this?
Rarity: sigh, Twilight, you want some special time with Flash sentry Right?
Twilight: Yes but why dress like this? I do not see how will make our night Special?
Rarity: sigh(she slap her face) Twilight Dear, us girl most sometime dress up sexy to please our boy friend, plus the bunny girl is one the most popular of all sexy costume, why not ask your mother, ask pay one to day!
Velvet: Is true and you look perfect, Flash sentry he is? well he will love it, like Cadance a done it for your Brother!
Cadance: Is True and do not be worry all be alright!
Twilight: I still feel weird.. Ok I true you.. But is still feel wrong!
Velvet: Is your first time to do it in bed with him Right?
Twilight: Yes!
Velvet: So no need to be worry, all be ok and Flash sentry will love it, To bad We can’t see his face by see you dress up like this ha ha ha!
Fluttershy: Well he right here!(she flash on the door be so speechless by see Twilight dress up like that)
Twilight: OH Flash?!(she covering herself with her wings) Do.. you.. like it?
Flash: Eh..(he see the face of Twilight worry) Yes.. sorry ruined the surprise but me and fellow Guard have capture this bloody murder, Right Celestia and Luna deal with it him.., I see you to night, I am sure this outfit is only start of what you plan to for us to night, bye!(he go as fast he can but blush of see her like that)
Rarity: Do you see his face?
Velvet: Yes and is be Perfect but Twilight, You need to learn how to do it, I train you to do it with this life size doll, this way you will know what to do with Flash sentry, Trust your mother, let go in your castle, Luckily Spike is in the dragon land training for a year, so no worry him bother us, Lady? Please make sure no one bother us, come on Twilight!(she teleport herself with Twilight)
Rarity: One this is sure, Flash will have a night to remember!
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Flash Sentry: That’s my waifu, I mean Princess, that’s my Princess. Yes, just Princess, that I guard dearly.
Twilight Sparkle: hehehe. Smooth Flash. Smooth. ;)