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So… I decided to (again) making a better looking boot for my fast-booting (NixOS) computer. This time by making a plymouth theme. It took me about 2 days, but was quite instructive, in Krita, Inkscape and Plymouth.
The theme should be able to handle any resolution correctly, with the textures targeting 4K.
This is based upon License for this is CC-BY 4.0 Marius DAVID based on a work by ChibaDeer (the original image didn’t specified the version of Creative Commons, so I assume it’s the latest. It’s not like there is a big a difference between them).
The theme (and installation intruction) can be found on GitHub:
safe1947883 artist:chibadeer362 edit154539 oc824283 oc only606389 oc:nixos5 pony1297871 unicorn434896 animated111856 dark background1266 female1581054 linux231 lying down31439 magic85244 magic aura6323 no sound5425 ponified45935 simple background491254 solo1247442 tail62393 webm19267


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Non-Fungible Trixie -

Wow! Thank you! I’m very surprised to see this artwork animated. I guess I will install it on my NixOS too.
Original artwork is licensed under CC indeed, so the license is ok.