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“Err, I think you don’t understand…”
suggestive170207 artist:flutterthrash969 pinkie pie236705 earth pony350736 anthro309996 big breasts104100 bikini22041 breasts336068 clothes549727 dialogue78641 female1579556 implied creampie76 innuendo1545 open mouth193152 open smile14943 pun8285 smiling323587 solo1246182 solo female204373 swimsuit34268 thighs21340 thunder thighs11962 wide hips23713


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She’ll help you with both your cream pies as well as your creampies.
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A few hours later…
“Seriously, this is not what I meant.”
“Well, then you won’t mind if i have that one - just wait until i finish and we’ll do this again, which flavor you want this time?”