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suggestive179138 artist:cold-blooded-twilight3091 fluttershy244539 pinkie pie243673 earth pony388192 pegasus434001 pony1392689 ahegao30941 bedroom eyes75287 belly button99522 blushing248118 brick wall848 chest fluff57316 dialogue84014 drool31501 duo132487 duo female22624 exhibitionism11911 eyes rolling back3742 female1660080 gritted teeth17444 implied sex7552 looking pleasured2418 offscreen sex187 open mouth208828 panting3566 plap371 public use2336 sex noises1072 softcore3502 spread wings80995 stuck3465 sweat35492 teary eyes6097 teeth17064 through wall1139 wingboner9270 wings189091
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The Internet Is For Pone
It’s not that I’m not interested in it, I like all kinds of genitals and penetration if done well.
But the most important to me is seeing the pleasure and enjoyment in the faces so in this case when having to decide between the two sides this one is hotter to me.
And there’s also huge appeal in not seeing everything, leaving something to the viewer’s imagination.
That’s what makes softcore my favorite tag, hehe.
But again non-Softcore porn is hot too, the more variety the better.
Background Pony #2CF1
I actually prefer seeing this side, hehe.
It’s much hotter to see how they enjoy it and the pleasure in their faces than seeing their genitals would be.
Crazy Fan
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Emotions Taking
Imagine being the majority of people out there that find our fandom’s fetishizing art like this cringey instead of being able to appreciate its adorasexiness because they’re stuck only finding arousal in porn featuring real (icky) human beings.