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Per request for an AI-generated pregnant pony
applejack female, pony, solo, smiling, pregnant, highly detailed, super sharp focus, 8k, crisp, intricate, vibrant colors, smooth gradients, depth of field, artgem, greg rutkowski, boris vallejo, Albert Lynch, Franz Xaver Winterhalter, Lilia Alvarado

safe2152603 ai content16545 ai generated15441 derpibooru exclusive39887 edit171125 editor:dualreason3 generator:purplesmart.ai3016 generator:stable diffusion8871 applejack198671 earth pony437119 pony1580492 g42005066 belly42371 big belly19427 female1778982 outdoors20671 preggo jack225 pregnant16638 smiling389145 solo1408443 tree48221


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Background Pony #8684
I need more pregnant mares, dragons, changelings (especially the Queens) and princeses!
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Background Pony #0848
Thanks for your dedication at making this right.
I tried searching this AI but it came up with no results to me, and another to a website that didn’t have a certificate or something. If it can really make content like this, that is super cool.
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@Rainboom Dash
It has issues with proper limb count, proper number of cutie marks (ex. Applejack typically ends up with 5+ apples, and surrounded by apple trees), proper anatomy (can have the torso rotated 180 from the legs through malformed hips). Generally it’s best for solo female characters standing and staring at the camera. It produces abominations when prompted for “handstand” for instance. Multiple characters typically all turn into multiple copies of the same character. There’s a subtle thing with eyes where it’s common to get multiple iris outlines because many artists in the training set use different sizes depending on the effect they’re going for, so you can get very deformed eyes. Still, it’s an interesting medium being able to get fully rendered art in seconds, there’s just a loss of creative control over the exact output and composition unless you put in time to correct it manually.
Eh, it’s a lot or a little. I spent a couple days on the last piece I did (NSFW >>2953945), it really depends what you’re going after.
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Background Pony #0848
No AI machine can make something this good. This has to be deeply edited or made by someone.
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