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suggestive191850 artist:thebrokencog1109 principal abacus cinch1209 sci-twi31553 twilight sparkle360075 human248882 equestria girls257851 g42046168 age difference4569 babydoll342 bed58580 big breasts127454 blushing277482 breasts395306 busty principal abacus cinch110 busty sci-twi1399 busty twilight sparkle16564 cinchlight22 clopfic in the comments1065 clothes641636 cog's kisses158 commission119222 cougar997 couple7945 drool35069 duo175363 duo female32604 eyes closed140441 eyeshadow30805 female1820555 french kiss3807 glasses89866 high res408692 kissing32886 lesbian118571 lingerie14167 lying down48171 makeup41288 nightgown1931 older40520 on back34582 on bed8433 romance1226 romantic2558 sexy46539 shipping256413 side view3915 sinfully sexy683 sloppy kissing1783 story in the comments1838 tongue play734


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Background Pony #6C10
She had once called it relief to be away from her; to not walk down school halls and be caught under that domineering stare. Twilight had thought that anywhere Cinch wasn’t was where she wanted to be.
But as the older she became, an absence became something of note. No one in her new life commanded her, led her- owned her. Try as she might, the itch could not be scratched. In fact, only one person could seem to satisfy.
Only a day after graduation did she reach out for Cinch; only a day after did Cinch respond. A package containing a sensuous nightgown and a letter of instruction was the sign she’d needed, and Twilight had struggled to wait for only a day. But oh, she obeyed.
And the payoff was worth it.
“Open your mouth.” Cinch’s cold command contrasted against the alluring smile on her lips, the fiery body that lay barely concealed beneath a thin black nightgown. “You will match my every movement, do you understand?”
“Yes, ma’am!” Twilight replied eagerly. Held beneath her paramour’s arms, she could not decide whether to gaze at Cinch’s marvelous bosom or her beautiful features; the struggle between them was too great.
“Good girl. Now, kiss me.” Leaning down with salivating morsel dripping, Cinch delved deep into the awaiting mouth of her young lover, soaked tongue lathering away at its delicate pair. And only the mildest brushing was enough to make the yearning woman moan.
Twilight could not quite match Cinch’s eloquence that night. She could not equal her expertise. But to say she cared would have been laughable when the pleasures of their union could not have been greater. She belonged to Cinch, was her lover at last-
And quite deeply did she love the role.
Too good to resist