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Her one weakness…
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questionable113321 artist:shadowboltsfm1033 rainbow dash257261 pegasus395617 anthro310241 plantigrade anthro42126 3d99683 4k2745 arm warmers846 belly button94138 blender10033 breasts336258 busty rainbow dash9776 clothes550192 eyeshadow21919 feet48007 female1580607 fishnets6607 high heels14176 high res84209 implied applejack850 implied fluttershy800 implied rarity1362 implied twilight sparkle2257 lipstick13818 lost bet55 makeup30060 nail polish9861 nipples206890 not sfm2211 nudity445042 offscreen character42947 open-toed shoes509 partial nudity24969 platform heels713 pole dancing1726 sexy36754 shoes48333 solo1247062 solo female204462 stockings41162 stripper pole2418 stupid sexy rainbow dash4040 text74595 thigh highs47554 toenail polish1645 toes7870 topless15569 unamused20181


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Background Pony #812A
I don´t know which bet it was, but I´m fully glad that AJ won (wouldn´t mind both of them losing tbh)