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safe1679819 artist:willdrawforfood1540 apple bloom48788 earth pony238870 pony942082 adorabloom2673 apple15923 apple bloom's bow1276 apple core107 basket3004 bow27820 bucket2290 crepuscular rays2694 cute195803 daaaaaaaaaaaw3686 eyes closed90394 featured image868 female1339099 filly64932 hair bow15092 hnnng2392 newborn471 photoshop3725 pony in a basket58 prone25044 sleeping23106 smiling241128 solo1045828 weapons-grade cute3618


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I love this image, and I've had it saved for quite some time.

The featured image thumbnail made it look like she was hugging Spike, by the way.
C Money
Duck - bundle of quacks

Wow. That's very cute. touches foaming mouth huh… I could've swore I was in my computer chair when I looked at this image. It seems I'm in need of insufgjvgyh…. ded

Not big surprise!