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suggestive179138 artist:evehly860 fluttershy244540 king sombra16348 pegasus434007 anthro328523 unguligrade anthro60428 breasts356802 busty fluttershy21778 busty queen umbra697 duo132499 eye contact7460 fangs35209 female1660082 half r63 shipping2534 imminent sex9459 implied scissoring12 kabedon146 lesbian111539 looking at each other29401 looking at someone9711 mare651656 muscles16814 muscular female3579 queen umbra1446 rule 6331759 scaroused111 shipping236700 sombrashy436 symmetrical docking1450 tail75790 tail hole1858 umbrashy25 wide eyes19155
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Background Pony #4C4F
Then I imagine Sombra would eventually tear his chains out and, uh… make sure Fluttershy will be needing a walking stick for the next few days.
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What about a non-submissive bottom? Like, someone who does not obey or bend to the top’s will, but who growls and tugs at her chains, screaming bloody murder? And all the while, little Fluttershy giggles, and lovingly caresses his/her writhing, sweaty, helpless muscular body? >:D

Stop teasing my wish to have these two in bed!
I do like the idea Sombra being a shape-shifter and has fantasies of being a girl. Tho never a sub. If anything he gets even more aggressive. Poor yellowsoft.
Background Pony #A0CF
Yellowsoft and onyxfirm are about to have a good time. One that will probably leave the former crosseyed and gasping for a few hours at least from how many times she’s going to climax.
Background Pony #0061
Wouldn’t you be scaroused if a tall, dark lady with fangs picked you up by your underarms to meet her at eye level, pinned you back against the wall and asked if you wanted to bang?
Background Pony #4C4F
This would be even better if Umbra’s scissors were a pair of garden shears, while Fluttershy’s was a pair of safety scissors.