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Give Selftrust
Apparently you’ve been known to have some problems concerning addiction… We’re here to talk about that. Don’t worry, we’ll be alone. Now, if you could take a seat and tell me more about this problem?

suggestive179344 artist:hooves-art1513 starlight glimmer56828 unicorn476170 anthro328965 3d109506 ass73709 big breasts112442 blender12142 breasts357293 busty starlight glimmer3163 butt200542 chair10638 clothes582194 feet50325 female1662182 glimmer glutes2171 guidance counselor101 high heels15184 high res89998 implied tail hole1120 large butt28215 legs10869 looking at you229895 looking back77710 looking back at you25065 looking over shoulder4493 office1276 open-toed shoes544 pencil skirt347 rear view19384 sexy40912 shoes52520 skirt50058 solo1322808 solo female216347 stupid sexy starlight glimmer724 tail76118 the ass was fat19512 toes8450


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Background Pony #00CB
I, eh, I need to smoke to keep calm and focused, can I smoke here? If I can’t, then maybe I should leave…
Background Pony #6AE0
Student: Umm, counselor Starlight you call?
Starlight: Hello there, just please wait for a moment just organizing the files your Principal send to me.
Geez….Twilight this files you send me thicc as my kites collection.
Student: Not as thicc as your fat butt
Starlight: You say something?
Student: Uhh… nothing