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BP’s replying to themselves always adds a certain … something … to comment threads like these.
Background Pony #0866
Love all the people in comments trying to one-up eachother and sound superior.
All of you sound like bickering five-year olds, none of you are on top.
Welcome to Derpibooru
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Love all the people in comments trying to one-up eachother and sound superior.
All of you sound like bickering five-year olds, none of you are on top.

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Right now it doesn’t look good. Bridlewood was presented not as one of forests where unicorns reside but as THE residence of unicorns. Yet in G4 in first seasons there weren’t that much railroads as in later ones (they even changed opening). Also film gave me hope for some adventures with archeological discoveries, old scripts and tales (modern for G4), myths and such.
So we shall see.
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At first, yes. But then we got Opaline teased, so there is definitely more ponies out there besides the three towns. After all, if Maretime Bay, Zephyr Heights, and Bridlewood didn’t maintain much contact with one another before the events of ANG, then who’s to say there aren’t more cities who haven’t contacted any of those three mentioned.

Celestia's adorer
@Background Pony #CAE3
It’s like nobody actually reads what others write. I explicitly stated that I wait.
And there’s big difference between showing a hut with implication that
A: it belongs to a village, one of many;
B: it belongs to a village, one in existence;
C: it IS one hut in existence.
G5 unicorns were presented as category B, like kirins or cristal ponies in G4.
Background Pony #CAE3
‘My main issue with G5 - it’s so small!’
The G5 movie just showed us Sunny’s town in the bay area where she lives, Izzy’s house in the woods and Zipp & Pipp’s city high up in the mountains. Okay, so it’s a little bit small compared to G4’s town but it’s not that bad and besides a new villain from an unknown location just showed up in the G5 TV Special so we’ll likely see an new town or a new place where the shadowy alicorn lives later in the G5 TV series so another new place will be added to the G5 universe later.
As I said before G5 only just started so give it more time and I’m sure more new locations will pop up in the G5 series along with G5’s new villains as we’ve only seen 2 of them in the series so far which is the Shadowy Alicorn and her unicorn assistant and that was it for now.
Remember that the Crystal Empire didn’t show up in fim until Season 3 and not Season 1 which proves my point so just wait a little while longer.

Celestia's adorer
Really? What gives this impression? And just number of locations don’t mean much without context. When G4 mentions or shows locations, they are shown as part of system, as part of something more, junction in the web. Except Crystal Empire. This thing really out of place. G5 consists only of such places. Yet.

Celestia's adorer
Considering that they are almost all at one side of Canterhorn, it implies that there’s abundance of territory from other side. And about map - you think about it wrong way. Like map in games like Civilization, map starts from one room in one house and expands as new locations being added to it up to encompass whole planet or even galaxy.@Phoenixflambe
It didn’t rose to be joyous to me. Yet. I wait.