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AJ beats up Sour Sweet for ruining her graduation party. Or probably just over which girl has more freckles.

safe2211203 artist:king-kakapo1335 applejack203478 sour sweet4045 human254762 equestria girls260539 g42065934 abuse9787 applejack's hat15280 barn4652 beatdown23 beating41 belt9810 catfight241 clothes650999 commission121643 cowboy hat26840 crystal prep academy uniform4276 cup9301 duo184810 duo female35821 female1845301 fight7579 geode of super strength2872 hat127875 high heels17775 high res410106 human coloration7182 magical geodes11797 ponytail28414 property damage396 punch1606 school uniform9810 shoes61551 skirt57400 socks98125 sourabuse1 spilled drink267 stocking feet2685 stockings50003 thigh highs61969 violence830


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I’m sure AJ is being a good sport and pulling her punches here.
On the note of physical strength, I think Sour Sweet is the strongest of the Shadow Five, After all, she did lift both Pinkie Pie and Varsity Trim out of a dimensional rift during the climax of The Friendship Games.
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Applejack: “Now git the hell off my farm and run on back to your little fancy-pants prep school.”
Sour Sweet: “Why don’t you make me, you stupid farm bitch?”