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safe2211202 artist:xan-gelx385 sci-twi31869 twilight sparkle363078 oc967060 human254759 anthro368759 equestria girls260538 g42065931 bare shoulders6572 bikini26523 clothes650997 commission121643 duo184810 duo female35821 female1845297 glasses91201 looking at someone18095 one-piece swimsuit6575 open mouth245884 open smile34624 profile8772 sleeveless8930 smiling411453 swimsuit40343 water27289 wristband5565


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Background Pony #59A8
That’s not Loona. Her hair is more light. This was a commission for someone with a hellhound OC, and said OC is their profile pic.
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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

Sunny Starscout fan
This is probably the sexiest SFW image I have seen yet! Definitely leans on the outer edge of what can be called ‘safe’ on this site, but I guess if the artist doesn’t feel like it is too lewd then it can keep that tag.