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Uploaded by Background Pony #E3C9
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I forgot my copic markers in Nässjö so I couldn’t work on arttrades so instead I made this little potential artprint for artist alley :>
safe1947540 artist:whizmi4 sunny starscout11941 twilight sparkle330167 alicorn269985 earth pony351406 pony1297311 g537020 my little pony: a new generation13588 alicornified6529 artificial horn324 artificial wings2318 augmented3400 blushing234972 chest fluff52036 cloud37264 coat markings8707 duo107419 duo female18812 ears up396 eyebrows14500 eyebrows visible through hair7491 female1580672 flying46545 frame447 full body5944 hooves22312 horn112798 in awe28 lidded eyes38132 looking at each other26948 looking at someone6540 magic85224 magic horn321 magic wings1062 mane2526 mare604890 multicolored hair8655 night32150 open mouth193421 passepartout133 race swap17710 rainbow hair3813 sky18702 smiling323953 socks (coat markings)5093 spread wings73281 stars19544 sunny and her heroine171 sunnycorn682 surprised11075 tail62266 twilight sparkle (alicorn)137367 unshorn fetlocks35036 wide eyes18675 windswept mane3205 windswept tail221 wings169360


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