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Can Sweetie Bot do it?
safe1920965 artist:pabbley2548 sweetie belle52479 pony1268361 robot9112 robot pony4409 unicorn421044 captcha54 colored sketch3448 computer7056 confused5554 drawthread2581 emanata779 existential crisis152 eye clipping through hair10220 eyebrows13773 eyebrows visible through hair7194 eyelashes20453 gradient background16307 laptop computer2752 mouse cursor109 open mouth187866 sitting75535 solo1226825 sweat32155 sweatdrops1406 sweetie bot1423


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Background Pony #2E24
Just treat it like the “I am under 18” button that nobody ever clicks.
Background Pony #E971
Sweetie Bot, let me give you a quick intro to internet lies:
  • my email address is nospam@throwawaymail.com
  • my birthday is January 1st
  • my location is Antarctica
  • I’m not a robot
Background Pony #ABEC
No, the Terminator (the T-800 anyway) was usually described as a cyborg because he has a mix of machine and organic parts.
Just Wayne
Elements of Harmony - Had an OC in the 2022 Community Collab

Umbreon is best Pokemon!
From what I remember, android is The Terminator, a robot pretending to be human. While cyborg is Robocop, a human that got turned into a robot.
Background Pony Numeral Uno
Non-Fungible Trixie -

an android or the pony equivalent
If you wanted to sound all edumacated, you could say “hippodroid”.
(“andro-” -> greek for “man” vs. “hippo-” -> greek for “equine”)
Alternatively, you could simply say “ponydroid”, since the Greek word for pony is… “pony”. ;)