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could you put him down please
y’know what you can wait until you’re done crying, it’s fine
safe1922832 artist:grandfinaleart52 oc811630 oc only599092 oc:mahogany teakwood1 oc:rusty nail22 dragon68758 pegasus384064 pony1270306 fallout equestria20032 armor26775 beanie4227 beanie hat91 brown eyes831 brown hair481 brown mane1052 clothes541325 crying49205 digital art24710 dragon oc1321 dragon wings927 dragoness11633 duo101132 duo male and female1008 facial hair7754 fangs31718 female1557533 folded wings11429 goatee1958 green eyes6452 hat104320 horns8190 jacket15513 male442903 nervous6847 nervous sweat158 non-pony oc1036 pegasus oc23036 red fur142 simple background481847 sitting75651 size difference17473 spread wings71038 stallion141700 sweat32218 teary eyes5427 transparent background239685 unshorn fetlocks34104 wings163706


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