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safe2175390 alternate version86674 artist:fensu-san640 oc948056 oc only688442 oc:jeppesen144 pegasus496946 anthro359982 unguligrade anthro65350 bag9626 beautiful8612 black socks295 book43593 bookshelf5661 bowtie15040 braid9920 braided tail1912 breasts391371 briefcase221 chair11784 clothes634986 commission117466 cottagecore1144 crepuscular rays5049 cute265914 desk4621 female1803933 flower39536 flower in hair12617 indoors8210 ink1526 inkwell643 kneesocks1567 lamp3877 legs11910 library4197 lidded eyes48077 lined paper5459 long hair8425 long tail5541 mare741740 plaid skirt855 pleated skirt4514 quill3393 quill pen244 reasonably sized breasts4187 scenery10454 school bag21 school uniform9564 schoolgirl2401 shirt40475 sitting92449 skirt55601 smiling397782 socks95624 solo1426886 spread wings94635 stockings48565 striped socks28297 studying344 tail100980 thigh highs59684 twin braids205 uniform16581 window14026 wing fluff2395 wings223246 writing1532 zettai ryouiki2280


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