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💫Pastel ponies are my comfort characters💫 #mylittlepony #MLPFiM #mylittleponyfriendshipismagic #art

safe2171878 artist:luxcip3 fluttershy258306 pinkie pie255494 rainbow dash279566 rarity217317 twilight sparkle357318 alicorn313583 earth pony445213 pegasus495444 pony1599985 unicorn536857 g42026762 bust77667 eye clipping through hair14560 eyes closed138741 female1799946 flying54918 glowing19059 glowing horn29092 horn189234 looking at you258735 lying down46502 magic96477 magic aura8975 mare739278 open mouth237011 open smile31042 portrait41587 smiling396600 smiling at you25131 spread wings94211 stars23346 twilight sparkle (alicorn)148979 wings222292


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