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fluttershy gamer :3 https://t.co/99y7yyc6wD
safe1920857 artist:fuyugi249 fluttershy233346 pegasus383217 pony1268239 abstract background19854 blushing231203 bracelet12226 cloud36402 cute228591 female1555939 folded wings11404 gamershy488 hair accessory493 headphones9133 holding4147 hoof hold10308 jewelry86115 lying down29784 mare588955 music notes3979 nintendo3757 nintendo switch712 on a cloud2319 on back28609 shyabetes16405 signature33388 smiling315838 solo1226726 sweet dreams fuel1846 wings163329


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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

Sunny Starscout fan
@Awkward Segway
In Japanese it might make more sense, though. So for the artist the name change would be understandable.
Many Japanese words are quite tricky for English-speakers to pronounce, after all.