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Cold Storm page 115
safe1922562 artist:cold-blooded-twilight2824 big macintosh30792 fluttershy233494 twilight sparkle327201 oc811534 earth pony339863 pegasus383867 pony1269954 unicorn421795 cold blooded twilight607 comic:cold storm140 blushing231448 comic121197 dialogue77211 eyes closed115449 female1557354 flower31398 flower in hair9662 food84046 foodplay1853 freckles34893 male442832 mare589762 offering160 open mouth188142 open smile13295 ponytail21858 smiling316370 speech bubble29673 stallion141657 tongue out124123 unicorn twilight24290


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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

If they don’t like the current hostelry options, are they able to build something they would approve of? A land buy and then either sell it to a local entrepreneur or convert it into a hostelry/resort?
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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
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Those high class snobs just don’t know what amazing perks this smal town really has.
Twilight already got a … taste … of their customs :3