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“Uhh, Sunny? Your fish friend is starting to look more like a manatee friend…”
Hitch had come to Sunny’s smoothie shop on his daily patrol and was looking in awe at the once petite fish pony that was currently taking up half the shop window, happily slurping away at what must have been the 5th Big Glug sized smoothie he had seen her drink today.
“I know! I know! UUUGH! This is worse than what happened to Izzy! And it’s my fault this time! It’s just, the smoothies make her so happy and she’s had such a hard life and she looks at me with these big yellow eyes and, and!..” A flustered Sunny had her thoughts interrupted by the ding of the blender behind her, signaling that it was ready to be poured into a cup.
“Well, she is certainly happier than when we first saw her. I even think her scar has healed a bit…” Hitch looked over the blubbery sea pony before him. She was balancing on her belly and leaning on the small shelf that stuck out of Sunny’s window, happily draining the last of her smoothie from a comically large straw. She had a tight belt attached to the lower part of her tail. Hitch knew that a pair of roller blades were hiding underneath to help the creature walk on land. It was the second belt they had to get her this week. Judging from how tight the belt looked right now, she would soon be needing a third.
“Blub blub blub!” Bluegill Brine set yet another empty cup on Sunny’s shelf, looking at her with pleading eyes.
“Coming Briney!” Sunny had just poured the blender’s contents into a new cup and gave it to the hungry sea pony.
“Bloooooooooob!” The sea pony reached into the window and gave Sunny a big squishy hug. Her chubby cheeks pressed against the side of the glass bowl around her head. Sunny blushed and returned the hug.
The sea pony put down her friend and expertly moved the end of her straw into the new cup, doing a little dance as she did so. As soon as the straw was in place, she once again started to drain the cup of its contents while making happy little blub sounds.
“She really does appreciate the smoothies doesn’t she?” Hitch smiled at the blushing Sunny inside her little stand.
“She loves em… but, that one has to be the last one. As soon as she finishes it, I’m taking her to the beach so she can swim around a bit.”
On hearing that she might not get another smoothie, Brine looked up from her treat. Putting on her best pleady face, her big yellow eyes looked up at Sunny.
“FINE! One more after this one, then we go to the beach!” Sunny rolled her eyes and threw the ingredients for yet another smoothie into the blender.
“Hehe, well I guess I’ll catch ya both at the beach Sunny!” Hitch chuckled as he kept going on his patrol, knowing that Sunny and her new friend would likely be at the stand for a good while longer.
suggestive167164 artist:ahobobo185 oc808908 oc only597450 oc:bluegill brine2 merpony2729 seapony (g4)6074 g529459 adorafatty373 belly34007 belly bed3338 cute228068 drinking straw1072 drysuit10 eyes closed114986 fat25187 female1552539 fishbowl91 happy36763 helmet12950 implied sunny starscout58 impossibly large belly12622 mare587014 morbidly obese9072 near immobile399 obese13258 smiling314789 smoothie432 solo1224005 story included10848 wide hips22863


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