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safe1916974 artist:bobthedalek1012 starlight glimmer53999 sunburst7772 trixie73284 pony1264684 unicorn419113 atg 2022757 bipedal42299 bipedal leaning2178 blaze (coat marking)2512 clothes539602 coat markings8228 dialogue76922 facial markings3609 female1552616 halo2103 horns8127 inconvenient trixie348 leaning4322 male441016 mare587039 newbie artist training grounds7344 open mouth187150 open smile13006 pitchfork310 robe4189 shopping cart183 shoulder angel235 shoulder devil251 simple background479835 smiling314815 socks (coat markings)4792 stallion140840 trio14862 white background123335


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Barry Tone
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
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Needs to know Hebrew.
Remember that Andy Griffith Show episode where Aunt Bee buys a freezer full of cheap Beef or Steak (I forget which) and then doesn’t have a place to store it.
But then again, I just got done buying discounted Organic Frozen Yogurt; about $75 worth (75 pints, roughly) that would have otherwise cost about $338. The differences are that I have a place to keep it, Mother would have wanted to get Ice Cream every week if I hadn’t found this, and it’s all affordable.
But I’m probably talking about a more dramatic difference in price over 1 year; $75 vs about $175 to buy a half gallon of ice cream every week. The food quality’s better, too; it’s more satisfying, beside also having probiotics.
Scintilla Aquila

Honorary Yak
I’ve had enough experience with the wholesale club at this point to know that, if I wait for a coupon on stuff like paper towels or toilet paper, I will use it all up by the time the next coupon rolls around (for the particular brands I want). The only annoyance is storing it in the meantime.
For smaller items like dry cereal, I shamelessly leverage the ability to use the same coupon multiple times (though not in the same trip) if you clip it digitally – because even when I buy multiple club-sized boxes, they stay good so long that I always finish them before they expire.
Background Pony #5BA3
Be honest: will you, without conscious thought, use all of it?
It’s gotta be something you’ll use up without thinking about it.
Background Pony #BBBE
But if you can get it cheaper on sale at the grocery store, you’re losing money buying in bulk now!
Duck - Hates bronies, but is one. Go figure.
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aka Summersong
Buying in bulk doesn’t make sense when you’re already at the store with the shopping cart. It makes sense for the retailer who is shipping several trucks’ worth of cargo at once
But yeah when it says BUY 2 GET 1 FREE you buy 2 get 1 free, don’t buy 20 get 10 free you’ll throw 15 out