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Sunburst and Starlight at beach
I had this drawing planned for last Valentine’s Day, but I had forgotten to draw it XD
from my sketchbook
Equestria Girls ©Hasbro
safe1948034 artist:n0kkun430 starlight glimmer54752 sunburst7910 pony1298001 unicorn434946 absurd resolution70738 beach18950 blushing235107 boat1661 bush3538 cloud37274 coconut358 cute232343 day2387 female1581169 floating heart4533 flower32147 food86082 heart59892 hoof on shoulder186 hug33083 lighthouse372 looking at each other26957 looking at someone6555 male451375 mare605161 one eye closed39169 outdoors15653 palm tree2242 pier642 raised hoof58692 rock5377 sailboat106 sand3018 ship1351 shipping227347 sitting77180 sky18709 smiling324106 smiling at each other990 stallion145969 starburst1447 straight157440 sun8001 tree40266 vector83490 wink29209


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