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safe2037916 artist:kurogewapony778 sunny starscout14792 earth pony387481 pony1390828 g548898 bag8170 female1658032 fluttershy's cutie mark384 looking at you229065 looking back77488 mare650608 monochrome167312 rainbow dash's cutie mark408 raised hoof62804 saddle bag7553 simple background532734 smiling349244 solo1319551 twilight sparkle's cutie mark441 unshorn fetlocks39178 white background139950


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Sunny Starscout fan
This is an incredible drawing of Sunny. Love the way the artist was able to combine more realistic muscle shaping with the cartoony style of ‘A New Generation’ and ‘Make your Mark’. It makes Sunny look more detailed while at the same time not falling down the path of the uncanny valley.
Artist -

The results of this piece is very inspiring. I love the varation/alternative to the original MLP New Generation. Anatomy was hilighted with different consideration. Different body shape and rythm of the artist hand is very pleasing to the eye. I would love to see this colored.