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safe1921630 artist:galaxy swirl126 applejack184856 rainbow dash255018 earth pony339505 pegasus383491 pony1268971 appledash7142 blushing231322 colored wings9138 cute228715 dashabetes10682 ear fluff39650 eye clipping through hair10235 eye contact7205 eyebrows13803 eyebrows visible through hair7219 female1556653 flying45503 freckles34861 heart58414 heart eyes21665 jackabetes6964 lesbian106610 looking at each other26226 looking at someone5643 mare589349 multicolored wings3693 open mouth187968 open smile13228 rainbow wings750 raised hoof57415 shipping224930 signature33403 sitting75566 smiling316066 smiling at each other895 stray strand590 upside down6372 wingding eyes28791 wings163453


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