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Okay, had to do a little sketch for at least ONE of these… @EquestriaDaily ATG #10: “Draw a pony full of pride”
Well, how about three for the price of one?
safe1920591 artist:mellodillo186 apple bloom55251 scootaloo54604 sweetie belle52468 earth pony339102 pegasus383108 pony1267978 unicorn420847 adorabloom3398 atg 2022757 cute228537 cutealoo3337 cutie mark crusaders20501 diasweetes3291 grayscale42889 grin50092 looking at you207548 monochrome161206 newbie artist training grounds7346 open mouth187800 open smile13186 simple background481085 smiling315764 smiling at you12246 trio14943 waving at you191 white background123729


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