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I always love seeing improvement. As you prolly can see by now lol.
safe1922755 artist:kittyrosie1124 fluttershy233512 pinkie pie234750 rainbow dash255090 twilight sparkle327224 alicorn265094 butterfly8236 earth pony339980 pegasus383990 pony1270160 2020715 2022431 bean mouth134 blushing231470 candy8102 cloud36464 comparison5067 cute228889 dashabetes10685 diapinkes11317 female1557480 flying45550 food84053 grin50176 improvement56 kittyrosie is trying to murder us66 lollipop2832 mare589855 old art1493 one eye closed38543 open mouth188168 open smile13305 rainbow5560 shyabetes16419 smiling316416 spread wings71035 tree39312 twiabetes13494 twilight sparkle (alicorn)135878 weapons-grade cute4202 wings163697 wink28936


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the pinkie and the flutter are cute but they look exactly the same, serious case of same face syndrome across the board, id try doing different face angles kitty.