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A little behind the scene(?) about the prompt: I actually did all the main characters but time wasn’t on my side, so I picked my favorite (perhaps another opportunity)
Here’s the rough draft, with the very rough idea on their designs
safe1922862 artist:scribble-potato73 hitch trailblazer6477 izzy moonbow11279 pipp petals9303 sprout cloverleaf1770 sunny starscout10549 zipp storm7238 butterfly8236 changedling10122 changeling56688 classical hippogriff5873 hippogriff11827 kirin11848 fanfic:rainbows after rain6 g531448 alternate universe11295 changedlingified243 changelingified1442 female1557561 hippogriffied191 kirin-ified819 male442908 mane five (g5)2032 new mane six (g5)108 not thorax8 smiling316444 species swap22982


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Would be funny if they made an episode where they rediscovere the Changelings and they prefer to themselves as Bug Ponies, because just like Pegasus forgot how to fly and Unicorns forgot to use magic, Changelings forgot how to transform.
Sunny:“You’re a Changeling!”
Changeling”A what?”
Sunny:“You have the ability to change your appearance!”
Changeling:“Now we don’t! … well, there is this tale about Bug Ponies who could do that.”
Sunny:“You all can still do that!”
Sunny:“You gotta believe!!”