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A Trixie’s Big Snooze sequel idea.
After she was haunted by Pinkie Pie, in her dreams, Trixie is willing to do whatever it takes to get even. For a price…
Trixie: (Covers herself) “Oh no! No, no, no, no, no, no! This can’t happen to me! Why is this still happening to me?” (About to cry)
source needed17346 suggestive164895 anonymous artist3224 artist:videogamefan628 part of a set16813 trixie72860 human185843 equestria girls225916 about to cry86 barefoot31335 big snooze34 bikini babe839 blushing227214 bow34973 breasts323467 covering4432 embarrassed12965 embarrassed body exposure52 feet46473 female1534619 flower bikini32 hair bow19427 solo1209083 solo female199187 spotlight1482 wide eyes18346


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And now this 3 part series reaches its natural and inevitable conclusion. I must say you’ve never made Trixie look more pathetic than she does here. It’s not that she looks bad, she looks beautiful and like she’s trying to cling to what little dignity she has left; it’s just that this is what I would call her lowest point. I don’t think that she’s ever looked so sad or humiliated, it kind of adds a sense of poignancy to this. I didn’t say this before but I also like the idea of using her flower dreamkini as a literal substitute for nudity, like say she loses her underwear only to reveal her dreamkini underneath. It will provide some unique and lovely imagery. Thanks for going above and beyond yet again pal. I look forward to whatever else you have in store.
Background Pony #45E1
All: (Laughter)
Trixie: The Great and Powerful Trixie… CAN YOU PLEASE GET THROUGH MY CLOTHES!?
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