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“What do you mean I need to come in for work!?” Sunset had to choke that question out as she was still in the middle of eating when she suddenly got the ill-fated phone call from her manager.

“Look, I’m awful sorry for this,” her manager’s deep and raspy voice sadly replied. “I know it’s last minute, and it’s been a while since you came to work. But I had someone quit on me and I don’t think he’s coming back. Wouldn’t surprise me, considerin’ a huge pot of boilin’ water almost fell on him.’

The big girl could only roll her eyes as she stuffed the last of her deep-dish into her mouth, flicking off any excess crumbs that fell onto her breasts. “Can’t say I blame him for quitting. No offense, Mr. Clyde, but with you being there, it’s not exactly the luckiest place to work at.”

“Please? I’m desperate!” Mr. Clyde pleaded over the line. “If you come in tonight, I’ll make sure you get paid extra. How about that? You don’t even need to move around much. You can just stay in the kitchen and help with this here sushi.”

As tempting as the pay sounded, as well as the prospect of free sushi, she needed to decline. “Trust me, it’ll be cheaper and easier if you just hired someone else on the spot,” Sunset sighed as she began to explain, struggling to sit her 900-pound up on her creaking couch. “Honestly, I assumed I was already fired a while ago. I’m not exactly in peak physical condition right now. Even if I wanted to come in, I’d have to charge up my scooter, hitch a ride on my friend’s pick-up…”

“Sounds good to me. Thank you so much!”

Upon hearing those words, Sunset was immediately thrown off guard. “Wait. What?”

“See ya tonight,” he said before abruptly ending his call.

“No! I didn’t say I would do it! Hello?” She tried to respond quickly, only to be greeted back with a dial tone. She finally hung up and tossed her phone aside. “Ugh, great. Does that uniform even fit me anymore?”

“Sorry I’m late,” Sunset heavily breathed as she finally waddled into the restaurant, belly spilled out and dragging along for all to see. “My scooter wouldn’t charge fast enough, so I had to walk my way through the mall. Like I said before. Not in peak physical condition.”


Sunset - 908 lbs
suggestive167162 artist:neongothic313 sunset shimmer70723 human189025 equestria girls228038 alternate hairstyle32392 bbw4887 belly34007 belly button92359 big belly15110 big breasts101555 bingo wings3116 breasts328634 busty sunset shimmer6606 chubby cheeks4619 double chin2252 fat25187 fat boobs996 fat fetish2256 female1552536 fetish47215 half naked80 huge belly5888 impossibly large belly12622 lantern2018 morbidly obese9072 obese13258 restaurant837 slobset shimmer270 solo1224003 ssbbw1966 story included10848 sunset sushi364 ton-set shimmer76 weight gain5001


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Wait…..“Mr. Clyde”, The Southern accent, Is Sunset working for Troubleshoes? It would explain the series of bad luck.
Background Pony #45E1
Nah this is just an older pic to compare herself then to now she’s much, much bigger literally twice as heavy as she is in this pic.
Background Pony #750A
@Background Pony #C8D3
You’re only assuming she’s bottomless. Plenty of uniform and flesh to obscure any pants she might be wearing. If they’re short, which makes sense with that much insulation.
She could also only be wearing underwear. That wouldn’t be much better than nothing.
Background Pony #C8D3
Sunset’s lucky her belly covered up her private area, otherwise she would have been arrested for nudity.
Background Pony #45E1
Sunset thinks she’s big now wait ’til she sees herself ten months from now!