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Happy Father’s Day from the Sparkle family!
safe1901914 artist:snowberry157 night light2658 shining armor25249 twilight sparkle324892 twilight velvet4898 alicorn261182 pony1249378 unicorn412303 abstract background19493 blushing227973 brother and sister5195 cheek kiss2152 curved horn8363 cute225869 ear fluff38974 eyes closed113409 family4955 father and child1460 father and daughter3030 father and son1064 father's day271 female1538850 floppy ears61339 frog (hoof)16509 group4803 horn105691 hug32259 husband and wife1834 kissing27714 male435938 mare579243 missing cutie mark5333 mother and child3575 mother and daughter6732 mother and son3451 nudity430581 nuzzling4441 raised hoof56592 raised tail19462 realistic horse legs786 rear view16602 sheath2881 shining adorable625 siblings13054 smiling310040 sparkle family134 sparkles5939 stallion138959 tail55376 twiabetes13352 twilight sparkle (alicorn)134831 two toned mane3581 underhoof59352 unshorn fetlocks33346


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Artist -

true, but for that he should be congratulated by his own wife and kid, not Twilight or Velvet… that would be just weird, and remind everyone of all those weird fanfics.