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You wont deny Flutters a cozy hug, won’t you?~

safe2087949 artist:nekro-led296 fluttershy248931 pegasus457342 pony1446948 abstract background22596 arms in the air914 bust73467 cute251924 daaaaaaaaaaaw6316 floppy ears69048 grin58264 heart69529 heart eyes26849 hug35746 hug request522 incoming hug280 looking at you239836 one eye closed43084 shyabetes18192 simple background557013 smiling366474 solo1359367 wingding eyes35469 wings200483 wink31433 winking at you2906 ych example5397


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Sunny Starscout fan
Why would I ever deny a hug from my favorite pony? I would hug her any day of the week!
hugs Fluttershy
Also, that is an incredibly adorable drawing of her. Nekro-led is a great artist.
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