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safe2208395 artist:cold-blooded-twilight3542 part of a set24811 princess flurry heart9780 alicorn322075 pony1638738 g42063429 abomination1128 body horror1995 chest fluff68030 eldritch abomination1048 fangs41397 female1841822 filly100419 foal48199 multiple mouths54 nightmare fuel4664 no eyes679 sharp teeth6641 simple background614630 solo1454079 teeth23157 transparent background291525


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You know after all the stuff with Thingpone and all the things I have seen. As strange as it is, I can only see this as adorable still. Scary but adorable.

@Background Pony #B70D
Queen Chrysalis: Funny story, you know how the old traditional changlings would switch out babies with their own?
Well, I came up with a way to cut out the middle man with my non-drone children, and just have my egg with Shiny’s ‘love’ placed in you when you were unconscious.
(Shining Armor and Princess Cadence jaw drop)
Queen Chrysalis: What? Princess Celestia literally told you it was completely impossible for an alicorn baby to be born, yet she was born with wings and a horn.
Honestly, I thought you were going to ask Celestia on the details on why it was impossible, and then figure it out for yourself ages ago. The Old Changling Magic keeps our swapped babies from being detected by magic for quite a while, but the clues were right in front of you.
Cadence: But…
Queen Chrysalis: You literally. Had a Millenia old Alicorn. In you Kingdom. Telling you. That Flurry’s birth. Was Impossible.
Ask some follow up questions next time, jeez.