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This is an extended and re-rendered wallpaper version of the previous portrait :D
Made with AndreaMosaic. It consists of about 9000 screen-shots of season one.
safe1971880 alternate version69038 artist:kp-shadowsquirrel1080 amethyst star2833 angel bunny10698 apple bloom56385 applejack187816 berry punch7117 berryshine7117 big macintosh31310 bon bon17823 braeburn6703 cloud kicker2266 derpy hooves54014 descent225 doctor whooves11439 fluttershy238209 gilda10623 little strongheart881 lyra heartstrings32158 minuette6467 nightmare moon18924 nightshade521 opalescence2254 pinkie pie238617 princess celestia105100 princess luna109267 rainbow dash259364 rarity203155 scootaloo55495 snails5636 snips4471 sparkler2725 spike87297 steven magnet599 sweetie belle53457 sweetie drops17823 time turner11433 trixie74686 twilight sparkle332963 zecora10443 bear1964 bird11533 chicken1665 cockatrice579 diamond dog3878 dragon72205 earth pony361586 griffon32875 human202854 pegasus406795 pony1323775 rabbit7216 ursa493 ursa major176 ursa minor645 zebra20959 a bird in the hoof815 a dog and pony show742 applebuck season1035 boast busters1294 bridle gossip974 call of the cutie834 dragonshy1058 fall weather friends873 feeling pinkie keen962 friendship is magic3400 green isn't your color1047 griffon the brush off891 look before you sleep1034 over a barrel879 owl's well that ends well486 party of one1261 season 14534 sonic rainboom (episode)1180 stare master767 suited for success991 swarm of the century840 the best night ever1624 the cutie mark chronicles1112 the show stoppers640 the ticket master1159 winter wrap up1250 20131246 absurd resolution71585 animal6392 apple19113 clothes559343 costume35207 cutie mark crusaders20908 dress53747 eyes closed120778 facial hair8179 female1603594 filly84810 foal29619 food87753 gala dress5007 hairity103 irl78283 irl human28347 lauren faust1807 mane seven7350 mane six35327 moon28041 mosaic139 moustache3433 photo89342 photomosaic19 pinkamena diane pie21014 shadowbolts1927 shadowbolts costume1355 sun8124 theme song421 wall of tags5416 wallpaper19895


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