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You have no idea how long I spent trying to color in that tail
suggestive165312 artist:yoditax1166 color edit8218 edit150263 editor:maonyman49 rainbow dash253379 pegasus374697 pony1248615 ass63210 bed47644 blushing227818 butt149215 butt blush1107 clothes533852 colored21401 dock58566 ear fluff38942 female1537957 floppy ears61252 folded wings10888 frog (hoof)16463 garter belt4385 garters3149 lingerie11875 looking at you203871 looking back69441 looking back at you20779 lying down28547 mare578890 on bed5180 open mouth183906 panties55552 plot104146 presenting27967 prone29478 rainbutt dash4708 raised tail19350 rear view16488 sexy35430 simple background473156 sketch70322 socks77578 solo1211978 solo female199655 stockings39601 stupid sexy rainbow dash3700 sultry pose2256 tail55085 tail aside2528 thigh highs45300 underhoof59289 underwear68033 white background121170 wings158826


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Background Pony #0D2C
and for the record, im not hurt by that image or anything, if it had like 200 upvotes in 3 days like how an image of that quality usually deserves i wouldn’t have minded it at all
Background Pony #0D2C
the fact all you you need to make the best picture of the week is just draw a pony wearing underwear in about 20 minutes is a very sad indication that the brony community is now full of perverts and degenrates.
and to think i was proud to be a brony a few years ago