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suggestive165164 artist:snuddy379 trixie72906 twilight sparkle324597 alicorn260732 unicorn411343 anthro300040 plantigrade anthro40376 3d95148 annoyed6095 ass63123 blender9249 boombox279 breasts324128 butt148984 butt grab3174 butt touch5604 clothes533262 duo97185 faceful of ass1758 facesitting3821 female1536526 females only14519 grope15895 large butt22691 laughing9193 leotard5485 lesbian105623 lidded eyes36337 music notes3881 no tail1822 one eye closed37819 open mouth183607 open smile11835 shipping222501 smiling309265 smug7268 the ass was fat17285 the great and powerful ass1465 twixie5265


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You're gay.
I would love it if Trixie smugly asks Twilight if she loves having her face in her ass, and for Twilight for Twilight to discover something about herself and find Trixie’s cockiness irresistible and be her ass sucking sub slave.
Background Pony #D438
Trixie doesn’t know the untold hours Twilight’s tongue has put in, making her friends and former enemies cum like crazy. Twilight just got a huge reminder that she missed someone.