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#mlpfim #mlp #cmc #mlptwt cmc in the show style using my design elements! base from horse-bases on dA
safe1947626 artist:cutiesparke133 apple bloom55881 scootaloo55157 sweetie belle53048 earth pony351557 pegasus395779 unicorn434761 alternate design3962 alternate hairstyle32970 arm fluff160 bandage6665 bandaid2442 base used28774 blank flank8851 chest fluff52049 curly hair1068 cutie mark crusaders20749 ear fluff40580 female1580796 filly83085 foal27797 gradient background16815 grin51649 lightly watermarked338 looking at each other26949 looking at someone6541 pink background4470 raised hoof58680 show accurate22943 simple background491137 smiling323997 sparkles6290 trio15969 watermark20584


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